Bad Business

bad businessBased on our experiences, folks you might not want to do business with.

AICPA Professional Liability Insurance Program brokered by AON and underwritten by CNA Insurance Company

  • A long time policyholder notified the insurer of an asserted claim and was immediately advised by the insurer that the policyholder had no coverage. After subsequent calls to the AICPA, the insurer acknowledged coverage.
  • However, during the course of the successful defense the insurer asked policyholder’s expert witness to determine for them the potential exposure to the insurer and asked policyholder’s expert to bill the policyholder for that cost! You have to admire the audacity!

Humana Health Insurance Company of Florida, Inc., aka Humana One©

  • A potential insured applied for coverage and provided a required credit card authorization for the first month premium. The potential insured was advised that coverage would exclude one condition, which was acceptable to the insured. When the policy was received by the insured it included two exclusions! Policy holder contacted the company’s agent on two occasions and was told someone would be in contact. Never happened. Two months later the insured is still getting dun notices indicating the company was going to cancel the policy for non payment of premium. A call to the insurance company demanding the first month premium refund resulted in the policy holder being told the company would not refund the first month premium due to non payment of premiums. What a great business model!

Charter Oak Insurance

  • Insurance was refused because a tenant had a small mixed breed dog with one forth Staffordshire Terrier. The animal didn’t even come up to your knee! Vote with your money, folks!